MD-25 and HD-25 comprises with 6X8W, 312 nm or 365 nm UV tube, 25X25 cm filter size, low background black glass, UV radiation blocking cover, high/low select switch, and reflection aluminum plate popularly for visual gel stained by EtBr, SYBR Green, Coomassie Blue, SYBR Gold, SYPR Ruby, and SYPR Orange.

MD-25K version is equipped High/Low intensity remote control port for computer control.


  • Low cost excitation source for gel documentation
  • High/Low intensity selection switch to select suitable intensity
  • UV radiation safety blocking cover to protect operator
  • Long life time UV tube


  • Drug discovery, Biotechnology company
  • Education, university, academic and research institute
  • Analytical chemistry, colorimetric laboratory
  • Enzyme reaction, immunology
  • Proteomics, genomics core facility
  • Food industrial and inspection laboratory
  • Polymer curing and material testing