VIDEOGAMMA Rack is the first apparatus of a new generation of gamma counters. It is the first device at all that allows measurements without needing to download the tubes from their rack. It is the first instrument in the world designed for carrying automatically tubes from their rack to the detection system. For the first time the area where measurement takes place and the area where tubes are positioned are separated. In this way any kind of interference is excluded.

In its technological innovation, VIDEOGAMMA/RACK adds the possibility of measuring any gamma emitting radioisotope, without any exception, thanks to its exclusive automatic search system of energetic peaks. Any personal computer linked by RS-232 universal serial port allows a great flexibility of use and the possibility of easily refreshing the software even for future evolution of data acquisition and processing.

VIDEOGAMMA/RACK is the first RIA system not needing any operator's handling of the tubes. In the most little space, the operator simply leans the tubes rack and sets the operations on the computer. Any rack can be used, after setting its characteristics. VIDEOGAMMA/RACK will automatically carry the tubes from the rack to the detectors, thanks to an exclusive pliers, regardless of the presence of a stopper. Loading and downloading of the tubes are hold with the aim of minimizing elapsed time: for this reason both the operations are always integrated for performing a "full-load" run. In other terms, downloading a tube from the detector to the rack is followed immediately by the inverse uploading operation. The PC monitor always reports in a clear and simple graphic way any operation, thus giving an immediate information about the detection in progress. Practically, a colored map of the disposition of the tubes gives at glance the information about the tubes under detection, those already tested and those in standby.


  • Automatic calibration
  • Best efficiency
  • Measures any gamma-emitting isotope
  • RIA and radioactivity measurements
  • Quality-control program