VLS 200 Green Line Refrigerator from Vestfrost

The VLS 200 Green Line is probably the most energy efficient icelined refrigerator available today. It is a sustainable solution constructed with hydrocarbon refrigerant, cyclopentane insulation and recyclable components. Net capacity is increased by at least 40 % due to the specially developed integrated icelining, which is covered with a prepainted galvanized steel inner liner surface. Reliability and usability is secured through the self-regulating cooling system.


  • Only 8 hrs. of power needed per 24 hrs. at 43°C AMB.
  • Compressor made for use in the tropics
  • Available in 220V-240V 50/60Hz + 115V 60Hz
  • Self-regulating cooling system
  • Cooling coil of copper
  • Solid lid with handle and lock
  • 3 baskets for organized storage
  • CFC-free refrigerant and insulation
  • Green ILR technology