eXpert 8602-F543 Axial Torsion Testing Machine from ADMET

The eXpert 8602-F543 Axial Torsion Testing Machine equipped with the MTESTQuattro controller is specifically designed to test metallic medical bone screws according to ASTM F543. Included with the system is the required fixturing for performing the four test methods outlined in Annexes A1-A4. MTESTQuattro comes preloaded with test procedures for each Annex. To run a test, the operator only needs to install the correct fixturing in the machine and select the appropriate test method from a menu.


  • 2.2kN Axial Capacity
  • 20Nm Torsional Capacity
  • Preloaded ASTM F543 test methods for performing tests according to Annexes A1-A4.
  • Keyless Hand Chuck mounted on drive spindle for quickly installing various drive bits.
  • Collet Screw Clamp System for determining the torsional properties of metallic bone screws according to Annex A1.
  • Centering Machine Vice to clamp test blocks for performing F543 test methods according to annexes A2, A3 and A4.