ezfill 4500 Dissolution Media Preparation Station from Distek

Transportable, easy-to-use and compact, the ezfill 4500’s unique integration and control of critical functions like heating and vacuum degassing allow the unit to prepare and accurately dispense media in approximately 90 seconds while offering tight controls over key volume and temperature parameters, for fast and effective de-aeration and media dispensing.

Cycle time is volume and temperature dependent

  • Compact Design
    Fits easily on the bench or used with the optional mobile cart or autofill.
  • In-Line Heating
    Ready to prepare media immediately upon power up eliminates the time delays and wasted energy associated with immersion heaters used in bulk media tanks. (Maximum 20 °C rise)
  • Precision Vacuum Chamber
    Piston Controlled vacuum chamber creates a high vacuum for effective de-aeration and delivers precise media volumes accurate to within 1% of the set volume.
  • Variable Dispense Volumes
    Selectable volume settings from 250 mL to 1000 mL allow for quick and easy volume changes without the need for system recalibration.
  • Variable Temperature
    Optional temperatures from ambient to 45 °C.

Distek's Dissolution Efficiency Package

The Distek Dissolution Efficiency Package combines the compact design of the ezfill 4500 Dissolution Media Preparation station with the full-cleaning capability of the VIP 4400 in-situ Vessel Washer to create a cost-savings, portable and efficient dissolution solution.

When the systems are purchased together along with the necessary accessories, a discount will be applied to the total purchase price.