1TS-200MW Active Vibration Isolation Workstation from Altechna

The design of the 1TS-200MW active vibration isolation workstation has been optimized to achieve best possible isolation for delicate instruments such as the UHV-Scanning Probe Microscopes (AFM, STM), Scanning Electron Microscopes, Interferometers and other high resolution instruments, allowing the ultimate performance to be achieved from these instruments.

In case you need higher load capacity or larger working surface area we can offer you 1TS-200-M in sets of: 1. 6 isolators (load capacity 1200 kg including tabletop) 2. 8 isolators (load capacity 1600 kg including tabletop) 3. 10 isolators (load capacity 2000 kg including tabletop) 4. 12 isolators (load capacity 2400 kg including tabletop) Basic active vibration isolation system 1TS-200-M consists of four legs. Legs are not interconnected - one model fits all sizes. You may order 1TS-200-M not necessarily in sets of 4 legs. Tabletops must be purchased separately.