Altechna's 1TS-200M Dynamic Vibration Isolation System

The 1TS-200M is a moderately priced dynamic vibration isolation system that achieves in a very small volume better isolation than is possible with the biggest and most expensive passive systems. Inertial feedback is used via electromagnetic transducers to provide not only isolation from building vibrations, but also isolation from vibration sources placed on the system itself. This means, for example, that a delicate microscope isolated by the system will remain at rest despite forces being applied via the operator's hands. The inherent stiffness of the system, typically 25 times greater than that of a 1 Hz resonance passive isolator, imparts excellent directional and positional stability. The characteristics of an active isolation system are typified by the virtual lack of any low frequency resonance, a resonance which plagues all passive isolation systems.

The 1TS-200-M is a complete active isolation system measuring 210x210x125 mm per single unit. The system isolates against all six possible translational and rotational vibration modes and has been designed to offer excellent isolation even at frequencies as low as 2-3Hz, where many buildings show large horizontal amplitudes due to oscillation about the vertical axis.