The SHEL LAB 3015 Single Chamber water jacket incubator provide excellent temperature uniformity. Both the water jacket and the heated door design eliminate condensation on the walls and glass door. Copper strip in the water jacket inhibits bacteria growth. 

The microprocessor temperature control allows digital temperature set and read-out to 0.1 ̊C. Incubators are available as a single chamber unit or over/under unit and feature a full- length inner glass door for visual checks without disturbing incubation. Through-wall access port allows roller apparatus, rocker or stirrer operation. Adjustable leveling feet compensate for uneven surfaces. All 3000 Series Incubators are supplied with a humidity pan. 

Applications include:

  • Biochemical Studies
  • Hematological Studies
  • Bacterial Culturing and Research
  • Microbiological Determinations
  • Pharmaceutical Stability Assays
  • Food Processing Quality Control 
  • Large Scale Roller Apparatus Applications