The 408D2 and 415D cryocoolers are frequently used in MRI suites around the world. SHI has produced a range of compressor options for these cryocoolers, which include multi-voltage, water-cooled and air-cooled solutions. Both cryocoolers are compatible with the F-50 Compressor, which is available in high and low voltage versions and boasts a 30,000 hour maintenance interval.

In contrast, the 101D laboratory cryocooler was designed to be a plug & play system, where power consumption is minimal.  Operated by a single-phase, air-cooled compressor, requiring only 1.5 kW at cool down, the CNA-11 is perfectly suited for laboratory research.

The CNA-61 series is the first of its kind. The compressor offers a small indoor control unit, which can be located near the cryocooler, and a larger air-cooled outdoor unit.

Features include:

  • Easy operation
  • Orientation free
  • Small and compact
  • Applied to cryostats and other experimental equipment