The 10K cryocooler technology powers their product range of shield coolers, laboratory cryostats and cryopumps. The entire series of bare, 2-stage, 10K refrigerators are also available for user interface into a wider range of applications, such as radio astronomy and unique custom design.

The first generation of 10K cryocoolers was developed by Dr. Ralph Longsworth and his team over 40 years ago for the original Displex laboratory cryostats and the APD-range of cryopumps.

In the 1980's both SHI and APD launched higher capacity 10K coolers for the cryopump market in Japan and for diagnostic imaging systems in Europe. In 1993, the engineering team at APD developed the metric series of cryocoolers, which are employed in the Marathon Cryopump range, offering higher capacities in demanding applications.