The Agilent 7696A Sample Prep WorkBench provides consistent precision and eliminates errors associated with mundane sample preparation procedures, such as dilutions, internal standard additions, and derivatization. WorkBench with WeighStation provides the ability to weigh precise amounts of material directly into the GC or LC vial, allowing for weight calculations required for specific ASTM and EN methods.

Precision and Accuracy

Decrease variability and reduce precision errors in manual sample handling


Automate sample preparation steps without manual intervention


Reduce laboratory personnel chemical exposure

Economic and Green

Low costs of ownership, reduce cost per sample, and reduce hazardous waste

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View the Sample Prep Workbench Applications Compendium.


  • Cost savings on solvents, glassware and time with automation of manual methods
  • Eliminates manual sample prep variability from analyst to analyst
  • Placement in fume hood for safe working environment
  • Intuitive Easy SamplePrep software with graphical interface makes it easy to operate for technicians
  • Performs dilution, aliquoting, reconstitution, small volume liquid/liquid extraction
  • Off-line batch sample preparation for both LC and GC methods
  • Optional WeighStation provides high precision weighing of dispensed volumes
  • Sample tracking with detailed reports
  • Bar code reading capability makes it ideal for regulated environments
  • 150 2 mL vial capacity
  • Liquid handling towers ensure precise, reproducible, dispensing and transfer
  • Additions (standards, reagents, etc)
  • Heating (Reactions, Derivatization, etc)
  • Spin vortex mixing action
  • Services for precision balance calibration and method development available