DD2 Spectrometer from Agilent

Agilent DD2 systems deliver the high end performance required to address the most difficult research challenges. The systems can be equipped with up to five RF channels, four receivers, a range of powerful gradient amplifiers and other options for bio-liquids, bio-solids, small molecules, polymers and materials, and microimaging experiments. The Agilent DD2 features parallel controllers for each transmitter and receiver channel, providing pulse sequence programming power with functionality and user friendliness. Agilent DD2 systems provide the most flexibility for advanced NMR research applications.


  • Clean DirectDrive 2 RF architecture features parallel controllers, one for each RF transmitter and receiver channel, providing unmatched pulse sequence programming power
  • Superior DirectDigital receiver prevents quadrature artifacts and delivers outstanding baselines, dynamic range, and sensitivity.
  • Advanced phase and amplitude modulation provides exceptional performance for the toughest solid state and bio-liquids applications.
  • Exceptional magnet stability and homogeneity provide the most advantageous operating environment.
  • Optimal site planning with a selection of actively and passively shielded vertical and horizontal bore magnets.
  • Wide selection of high sensitivity probes for liquid and solids state spectroscopy and microimaging.
  • Sample automation options allow unattended operation and maximize workflow.
  • Easy-to-Use VnmrJ 3 software lets you execute your analyses quickly and organize the results efficiently.