AUTOPOL IV Automatic Polarimeter from Rudolph

The AUTOPOL IV is a microprocessor based automatic polarimeter that is available in one, two and six wavelength versions. The AUTOPOL IV’s features include: readout in specific rotation, optical rotation and concentration, customer defined and labeled programs for push button readout, large LCD display and touchscreen user interface, temperature display and correction, push button wavelength selection, statistics, RS 232 and parallel printer ports.

Measurement Modes:

The AUTOPOL IV Polarimeter can readout directly in one of four measurement modes: Optical Rotation, Specific Rotation, Concentration or Specific Rotation Plus. Specific Rotation Plus allows a correction to be applied to a result for loss on drying. Each measurement mode can be activated via touchscreen selection. Sample tubes can be specified at any length (e.g. 50mm, l00mm, 200mm), or entered as a precise dimension (e.g., 199.98mm). Concentration is entered as a percentage.

Temperature Control of Samples:

Temperature control of samples is allowed through rubber gasketting in the Autopol door, which permits tubing to be connected from an external temperature controlled Water Bath to the jacket of a jacketed polarimeter sample tube.

Multiple Wavelengths:

The AUTOPOL IV Automatic Polarimeter comes in single, dual and six wavelength models. Wavelength selection is completely automatic and is accomplished via menu selection. There are no lamps or filters to manually remove or insert. The following wavelengths are available: 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546nm, 589nm and 633nm. Optional wavelengths include: 325nm, 578nm, 880nm and various other wavelengths are available; contact the factory for more information.