AUTOPOL II Automatic Polarimeter from Rudolph

The AUTOPOL II is designed as a general purpose automatic polarimeter for budget focused Contract Laboratories, Food Laboratories, and College Chemistry Laboratories.


Rudolph manufactures its entry-level polarimeter with the same high quality optics as its more expensive instruments. While other manufacturers in this price range use Polaroid Plastic Dichroic Sheet Polarizers, Rudolph does not. Instead, Rudolph uses the same high quality Glan Thompson Calcite Polarizers used in its high accuracy models.


The Autopol II comes with a Temperature Probe so that sample temperature can be displayed and printed. However, if the product requires Temperature Control, then the Autopol II will most likely not be accurate enough for this type of sample, as is the case for 98% of pharmaceutical applications where a Certificate of Analysis must be issued.

Wavelengths and Accessories:

The Autopol II comes with two built-in wavelengths that are selectable via the touch screen: 589nm (often referred to as the Sodium D-Line) and 546nm. The Autopol II also includes the Standard Accessories Package or the Calibration Package.