Advanced Dynamic Image Analyzer: Pi Mobile IPS

Vision Analytical has introduced an advanced dynamic image analyzer called the Pi Mobile In-Process system (IPS). This sophisticated dynamic image analyzer is incorporated into an Analysis Module that, in turn, is regulated by a movable battery-powered control unit on a tether.

The analyzer is perfect for applications where it is also important to track the shape and diameter of raw materials for on-line procedures. The same morphology should be ensured so that the effectiveness of the end product is also ensured in various crystallization processes.

It is very important to use a high-resolution analytical tool that has the potential to deliver maximum data about raw materials—for instance, crystals that are created over time. The Pi Mobile IPS has been particularly designed to support the manufacturing processes of raw materials; such processes require real-time feedback to make key process decisions.

The analyzer can extract a sealed sample from a reactor or process to enable instant analysis and can return the assessed sample back into the process, or discard it as waste. The raw material is examined “on-line” next to the reactor or process, without causing any kind of disruption.

The Pi Mobile IPS is portable, which means the analysis module can be effortlessly detached from one process and again connected to another one without any significant modification or interruption of customer resources.

To ensure minimal dead-volume of a sample, the analysis module is connected through a tether. This allows the analysis module to be proximal to the process, while the control unit allows users to freely access the process.

The system is powered by a robust battery equipped with a smart controller/charger, and the battery is kept fully charged continuously. This means an uninterrupted duty cycle is ensured round the clock.

The performance of the instrument is controlled by an all-in-one touchscreen computer. The computer also helps track the analysis of raw materials.