Bondtech compactors are enclosed, secure, hygienic and safety. Our equipment will reduce waste volumes by up to six/one times, therefore providing an often significant waste handling and eliminating or reducing such issues as odors, spillage, wind scatter, infestation or fire risk. The compactor has optimized dimensions and takes up minimum space and can be loadedand emptied quickly and easily by loader truck.

Bondtech Co. manufactures the highest quality stationary compactors to fit industrial, chemical, medical or domestic waste management application. Bondtech mobile or stationary compactors use the top-of-the-art mechanical, hydraulic and electrical system, along with the lowest service and maintenance cost design in the industry.


  • Length 46" to 17'2"
  • Width 39" to 74"
  • Height 48" to 66"
  • Ram Penetration 4" to 15"
  • Line Pressure 2000 PSI
  • Cycle Time 35 Seconds to 45 Seconds
  • Pump 5 GPM to 40 GPM
  • Motor 5 to 20 HP/3-Volt, 3P
  • Loading Height 40" to 56"
  • Charge Opening 20.5"x29.5" to 60"x78"
  • Max Ram Force 19250 to 78250 LBS
  • Shipping Weight 2850 LBS to 9895 LBS