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Laboratory Cleaning and Sterilization Equipment

Cleaning and Sterilization products such as autoclaves, industrial cleaners, mini cleaners, labware washers, ultrasonic bath cleaners, Biological and Temperature Indicators, steam cleaners, high frequency cleaners, irradiation products, and stand-alone water treatment systems are used in manufacturing, and life science and pharmaceutical laboratories. Cleaning and Sterilization products use physical methods such as flaming, red heat, Incineration, hot air oven, and moist heat or chemical methods using liquids such as hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid or gases such as ethylene oxide or methanol. Cleaning and sterilization are used for washing and sterilizing critical items such as urinary and cardiac catheters, surgical instruments, and implants, semi-critical items such as endoscopes, anesthesia and respiratory equipment, cystoscopes, esophageal manometry probes, laryngoscope blades, and diaphragm fitting rings, and noncritical items such as blood pressure cuffs and bedpans.

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