The BVX 3 air filter is very simple and reliable filter tightening system. The Filtering ceiling with unidirectional flow enabling the obtaining of ISO 5 according to the norm EN ISO 14644-1 at the required air renewable rate.

Technical Specifications:

  • France Air commits the airtightness of the system by placing a plenum and filters.
  • Diffusion grille generating, on the whole surface to protect, a unidirectional flow as described in the Norm NFS 90-351.
  • 7 standard dimensions : from 1390 x 1330 to 2975 x 2060.
  • Supplied air flow from 1330 m3/h to 8000 m3/h.
  • Standard height : 450 mm.
  • Filtration V.H.E : H14 or U15 in standardized heights (thickness 68 mm).