The CYCLOPE air filter enables the supply of total requested air flow in operation theatres by completing a primary low air flow by recycled air.

Technical Specifications:

  • Enables, for rooms with a fixed air flow, to increase with one or two sizes the dimensions of the supply ceiling.
  • Modularity: organization of the recycling modules at demand.
  • Enables the use of Air treatment.
  • Units of small sizes.
  • 4 ventilation modes possible (stop, night, day and/or fast decontamination.
  • ECM motor (low consumption). Ceiling with unidirectional flow in operating rooms with Risk 4 (according to NF S 90-351).
  • In renovation when it is impossible to bring the entire air flow requested through the handling central or the duct networks.
  • Additional installations exist if you want to increase the air flow supply.