Lab Air Filters

Air filters are used to filter the air for removing unwanted materials such as dust and pollutants and to cleanse the air by removing vapor or gas. Air filters are available in different types and designs. Their porosity is about 70%–99%, and this is considerably more in fibrous filters with fiber size ranging between submicrometers and 100 m.

In porous filters the porosity is about 50%–90%; they are highly efficient, and have a greater pressure drop compared with other filter types. Capillary Porous Membrane Filters are useful for collecting particles from smooth surfaces such as a scanning electron microscope. Fabric filters are useful for cleaning high concentrated dust and find use in industrial cleaning. The simplest forms of fabric filters are the vacuum cleaners used in houses.

Air filters are widely used in pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, operating rooms, laboratories, and in the food and microelectronic industries.

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