The Sterilair PRO is the new air sterilization system. It has an all new appliance for sterilizing the air, which ensures the elimination of all the microorganisms, including the spores. The air is driven into the sterilization chamber of the device, where irradiation eliminates all microbial load in the air. This device can operate continuously even in the presence of people, ensuring maximum operator’s protection. Sterilair PRO is simple, quiet and ergonomic.

  • Increase of airborne infections in hospitals, operating rooms and outpatient.
  • In all the clinics where aerosol sprays, compressed air and ultrasonic are used.
  • 60% of the sprayed micro-particles are infected, 70% of the infected ones are less than 0,3 microns and are absorbed by the human body.
  • The human being breathes an average of 10.000 liters of air in 8 hours at work.
  • A high percentage of hospitalized patients contracts viral diseases via airborne.

Adopting a system of air disinfection means:

  • Reduce the risk of contamination for the operators, as required also by the Act of Safety.
  • Reduce or eliminate costs and loss of profits, resulting from long absence due to illness.
  • Reduce or eliminate risks to patients or population.
  • Having an environment considered bacteriologically pure.

Sterilair PRO is an indispensable tool, which has a very low cost and in turn generates a service of great social utility.