Masterflux plus wall-mounted solution from Tecno-Gaz

Sedation machine with automatic flow control.
The master flux automatic is the only sedation machine entirely researched and developed in italy. All parts are manufactured by Tecno-Gaz and undergo scrupulous individual inspection.

On the front there is a space for the flow control box, complete with accessories. Master Flux Plus has passed the stability tests laid down by EN 60204 directives.

Master Flux Plus comes complete with:

  • flow control box
  • breath control bag
  • 1 corrugated hose
  • 1 circuit with adult mask
  • 1 circuit with child mask
  • 1 OX reducer with hose and connector
  • 1 N2O reducer with hose and connector

The Masterflux flow control box is a sophisticated mechanical engineering concept with an automatic proportioning delivery system. A mechanical method was chosen because the gas management is “direct”, i.e. not subordinated to other electronic or electrical “controllers”. In this way we have obtained a highprecision, highly reliable, user-friendly product. Easy to use, the Master Flux has technical features that make it extremely versatile, with efficacious safety devices that do not permit errors, hence safeguarding the safety of the patient. The serigraphed drawing is simple and easy to interpret.