Compact, mobile and easily set up, the IQAir Cleanroom 100 medical grade air filtration unit is a “plug and play” solution designed for the effective control of antimicrobial airborne contamination.

The Cleanroom 100 is perfect for local targeted control of any kind of particulate contamination including bacteria, viruses and mould.

Designed for healthcare settings, the IQAir Cleanroom 100 air cleaner is suitable for any kind of indoor medical environment and provides an ideal solution for where the HVAC system is insufficient to cope with the broadest range of airborne particulate.


Each IQAir Cleanroom 100 air filtration unit is self-contained, requiring only mains power to operate. This ease of installation, coupled with the ability to move each unit to the location it is required means that all hospital staff can deploy the unit wherever it is needed to control critical airborne hygiene issues.


At only 61cm tall the IQAir Cleanroom 100 is easily accommodated in even the smallest of patient rooms. Despite it’s minimal dimensions, it is capable of a high airflow rate of up to 500 m3/h.

When floor space is limited, the IQAir Cleanroom 100 air cleaner can easily be wall mounted through the use of the VMF wall mount kit. For ease of use, the control panel can be side mounted.


Prevent any unauthorised tampering with the IQAir Cleanroom 100 air cleaner’s filters and power connection. A secure arm-locking fixture prevents unauthorised access to or removal of the system filters. A separate power inlet fixture locks the IQAir Cleanroom 100’s power lead, preventing unauthorised unplugging of the power lead at the base of the system.

The control panel of the IQAir Cleanroom 100 air cleaner can also be locked to avoid unwanted tampering with the settings. The lock function is indicated by a star symbol on the LCD display.

Intelligent Filter Life Monitor

The IQAir Cleanroom 100 air cleaning system is equipped with an electronic ‘Filter Life Monitor’ which calculates the remaining life of the system’s filters. When other manufacturers quote a fixed filter life, no account is taken of pollution levels, fan speed, or the system’s actual operating time.

The IQAir Cleanroom 100 air cleaning system monitor calculates the remaining filter life based on past use of the system, and also it’s likely future use based on an internal database of filter life under specific conditions.

Filter Status Display

The predicted life of each individual filter is displayed on the LCD display of the IQAir Cleanroom 100, in remaining hours of use. This provides useful information in addition to the filter life LEDs for scheduling maintenance.

Filtration Stages

The Cleanroom 100 removes particulate pollution over two filtration stages:

1. IQAir Cleanroom 100 Anti-Microbial PreMax Filter F8 (S)
The Anti-Microbial PreMax Filter removes coarse and fine particulate matter, thus protecting subsequent stages.

2. IQAir Cleanroom 100 Anti-Microbial HyperHEPA Filter H13 (L)
The Anti-Microbial HyperHEPA stage removes at least 99.97% of all particulate pollution 0.3 microns and larger.


Filtration: 99.97% for particles ≥ 0.3 micron (μm)
Airflow Rate: Speed 1 - 60 m3/h
Speed 2 - 100 m3/h
Speed 3 - 170 m3/h
Speed 4 - 200 m3/h
Speed 5 - 300 m3/h
Speed 6 - 500 m3/h
Room Size: Up to: 250 m3
Noise Level: LPA = 22-57 dBA / LWA = 32-67 dBA
Dimensions: 61 x 41 x 38 cm
Power Usage: 20 to 135 watts
Weight: 12 kg
Filter Service Life: PreMax Filter F8 (S): 12 months (approx)
HyperHEPA Filter H13 (L): 24-36 months (approx)