The WINDHOP 3 directed flow filter-supporting air diffuser in stainless steel for operating theatres Risk 3. It is ideal for renovation of operating rooms or rooms with low heights under the ceiling.  

Technical Specifications:

  • Efficient sweep of micro-organisms emitted round the operating table.
  • Compact design: obtaining good results in rooms where it is not possible to install supply ceilings or in renovation.
  • Air diffusion system supplies flow of very low velocity and turbulence providing optimal comfort. "Hygiene" quality construction.
  • Casing is smooth and leaktight for easy maintenance and disinfection. Modular conception : depending on the required flow, several modules are placed next to each other.
  • Length of unit going from 850 to 5800 mm.
  • Supply flow going from 500 to 4200m3/h.
  • Operating rooms Risk 3 according to NFS 90-351.
  • Not unidirectional flow for rooms ISO 7 at rest.