Sonorex Ultrasonic Cleaners from Bandelin

If you want to clean fragile glass pipettes, metal wires after drawing, or oily machine parts on ships - BANDELIN electronic has the solution. Many of the cleaning devices introduced here have been developed upon encouragement by and cooperation with our customers.


  • Cleaning of technical glassware like burettes,pipettes, petri dishes and laboratory flasks
  • Disinfection and cleaning at the same time
  • Degassing of beer samples for analysis of alcohol contents, original worth, colour, pH value
  • Degassing of food samples from cans for analysis of stannous contents
  • Extraction of quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) of wood
  • Extraction of herbs samples for determination of afl atoxines (causing mold decay on food)
  • Extraction of soil samples for determination of hydrocarbons
  • Test method for freeze-thaw resistance of concrete: CDF test – through sonication,loosely adhering scaled particles are removed from surface