Sonomic Ultrasonic Cleaners from Bandelin

The SONOMIC ultrasonic unit has been specially developed for the simultaneous disinfection and cleaning of up to 12 rinseable keyhole surgery instruments. SONOMIC is available as compact unit MC 1001 and as built-in unit MC 1001 E.

What’s new is that each instrument is disinfected, cleaned and checked separately using an individual adapter and repeated suction rinsing from the distal end. Rinseable keyhole surgery instruments with diameters from 1 mm to 10 mm can be connected using the identical adapters without needing to change the seals. Efficiency of disinfection and cleaning is strongly increased during suction rinsing and during external disinfection through switching on the ultrasound.

The unit is operated by a touch screen on the front panel of the unit, which displays the current working step and the overall result. In the course of a checking procedure included in the cleaning program, each instrument is checked for the unobstructed passage of liquids, and any clogged instruments are identified safely.

Used bathing liquid can be let off quickly and the unit is rapidly emptied completely because the SONOMIC has a inclined tank bottom and is equipped with iwelded drain G ¾ with ball valve.


  • SONOMIC saves time through simple connection of instruments with diameters from 1 mm to 10 mm to the identical adapters. EU patent pending.
  • High degree of protection for users and patients through clear indication of ability to through rinsing for each of the instruments connected. Instruments which are not continuous are reliably identified and individually indicated.
  • Prevention of instrument repair and replacement resulting from poor through flow or blockages through regular removal of any penetrating contamination.
  • In addition to disinfection and cleaning of rinseable keyhole surgery instruments, cleanable parts of other instruments (1 mm to 10 mm) or other medical instruments, such as scissors and forceps (placed loose in the basket) can also be disinfected and cleaned.
  • Simple and safe operation through a process orientated user guide with clear instructions, status messages and help system.
  • Reduced costs through time savings and reductions in repair and replacement costs.