Beckman Coulter's New PAT700 TOC Analyzer

The PAT700 TOC analyzer from Beckman Coulter fully complies with all global pharmacopeias (USP, EP, JP) requirements. Each sample is fully oxidized guaranteeing the most accurate TOC result that follows EP2.2.44 guidelines. Production uptime is assured with the PAT700 main and standby dual UV lamp design, making it the ideal choice for on-line TOC release. Save time and money - the PAT700 can be installed online and run up to 4 grab samples offline.


  • Selectable mode for Clean-In-Place analysis
  • Toggle or programmable stream switching
  • Minimum flow rate to fill excursion bottle = 160 mL/min
  • Identifies oxidation cell contamination from roughing
  • UV lamps with UV Detect technology