HIAC 9703+ Liquid Particle Counter from Beckman Coulter

The HIAC 9703+ liquid particle counters are the leader in Pharmaceutical USP <788> quality control and research applications.  Designed for the liquid particle counting application needs, the HIAC 9703+ is highly configurable and easy to use.  PharmSpec software makes data management easy and assures security for 21 CFR Part 11 environments.  


  • Industry’s smallest samples: Perform a full suite of tests with just 1mL of product
  • Manages all your application needs: Handle a full range of sample volumes from1 mL to >1000 mL Pre-configured USP, EP, JP, and KP test routines
  • Eliminate uncertainty from data: Alarm notification when bubbles and/or sensor contamination has impacted particle counting results
  • Secure sample handling: Small vial holder ensures no expensive sample gets wasted
  • Easily configurable for maximum flexibility: Select a preferred flow rate and utilize interchangeable sensors from 0.5 to 600µm particle size detection
  • Avoid costly down time: On-site service significantly reduces down time - no shipping of the unit required. Automated notification when the unit is in need of routine service
  • Eliminate anxiety of data loss: Data loss recovery feature protects the results in the event of a power interruption or loss. Automatic database backup to a secure network location via PharmSpec
  • HIAC Particle Counting Instrument Validation Services: SOP assistance and IQ/OQ validation services Utilize HIAC expertise to get the system out of the box and commissioned