The BlotCycler-Flex allows to process blots anytime even during meetings or overnight. No need to wait until the next morning to start processing. For western blot it performs all steps after protein transfer to membrane: shaking, blocking, hybridization and washing. The protocol can be easily modified — ideal for a new protocol testing, adjusting existing protocol, testing new antibody.

The benefits of BlotCycler-FLEX™ include:

  • Flexibility in protocol modification: incubation time, shaking speed, reagent volume.
  • Flexible selection of reagents (up to six)
  • Can save either primary or secondary antibody
  • Can be used with mini- and midi- blot size
  • Use Pre-installed protocols or Save your protocols for rerun at later time
  • Easy to use: Intuitive design, works the same way you normally do western
  • Fast setup, automatic cleaning
  • The BlotCycler-FLEX™ can be programmed to perform up as many steps as needed.