Bruker's Next-Generation SkyScan 1278 Micro-CT System for In Vivo Imaging

The new SkyScan 1278 micro-CT system for in vivo imaging is addressing the needs of scientists working in the exciting areas of physiological response to disease and regenerative medicine. Many researchers strive to reduce the levels of radiation used in animal studies. Lower levels reduce the risk of associated complications, but any system that offers this advantage must not compromise on the quality of images produced. As part of the development of the SkyScan 1278, Bruker has created a new micro-CT spatial beam shaper, which reduces the absorbed dose by up to five times while maintaining high quality image output.

The SkyScan 1278 has a highly sensitive flat-panel detector that is able to deliver images of mouse heart and lung activities without using a contrast agent. Such images allow the user to explore cardiac and respiratory function and gain new insights, while reducing animal stress and the cost of the study. A full-body animal scan can take 8 seconds or less, thus reducing overall run times and increasing the speed of data collection. The system has many innovative features built-in to assist with study workflow. An integrated touchscreen allows the SkyScan 1278 to be controlled without users needing to remove their gloves. Results can be directly sent to mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone and Android devices for volume rendering and manipulations using the software supplied. The system will also send an e-mail with a direct link to the results for review.


  • Shortest full-body animal scan takes 8 seconds or less with typical dose less than 6 mGy.
  • The system has around 50 µm nominal resolution at any place of 80 mm scanning diameter and 200 mm scanning length,
  • Fast and very sensitive flat-panel detector resolving dynamics of mouse heart and lungs activities even without using a contrast agent.