CADD-Legacy PCA Ambulatory Infusion Pump from Smiths Medical

CADD-Legacy® PCA Ambulatory Infusion Pump, Model 6300 for continuous clinician-activated bolus and patient-activated bolus infusions.

Performance Runs in the Family

The CADD-Legacy® PCA pump is for pain management therapies… because performance runs in the family.

Product Benefits

  • Easy to Read Display
    • Easy to read and understand display screen provides information for programming adjustments and troubleshooting. New display messages, such as
  • Cassette Detection
    • Cassette detection sensor is designed to detect cassette attachment
  • Occlusion Detection
    • Upstream and downstream occlusion sensors are designed to alert the patient and clinician if interruption of fluid delivery occurs
  • Air-in-Line Detection
    • Air-in-line detector with Off, High- and Low-sensitivity settings is designed to alert the patient and clinician if air is present in the administration set tubing
  • ON/OFF Key
    • ON/OFF key allows pump to be placed in low-power state and is designed to save battery life
  • Event Memory
    • The last 1,000 events in the pump's history can be downloaded either directly or remotely (using a modem) to a PC using the CADD-DIPLOMAT® PC Communications System
  • Reliability
    • CADD® pump reliability and durability can mean less down time and fewer interruptions to therapy
  • Programming Flexibility
    • Convenient programming in milliliters, milligrams or micrograms and expanded concentration ranges
  • Includes pump, single-use 50-/100-mL pump pouch, 2 AA alkaline batteries, non-sterile demo cassette, CADD® key, operator's manual, patient guide and carrying case.

Product Specifications

CADD-Legacy® PCA Pump Model 6300.

Includes pump, single-use 50-/100-mL pump pouch, 2 AA batteries, non-sterile demo cassette, operator’s manual, patient information guide, and carrying case

Reorder Code Languages
21-6300-51 English
21-6300-02 French
21-6300-03 German
21-6300-06 Dutch
21-6300-07 Italian
21-6300-08 Spanish
21-6300-09 Japanese
21-6300-12 Danish
21-6300-13 Norweigan
21-6300-14 Swedish
21-6300-15 Finnish
21-6300-16 Portuguese


CADD-Legacy PCA Pump Educational Aids

Reorder Code Description
19899 CADD-Legacy® Pump Clinician Training CD-ROM


CADD-Legacy® PCA Pump Accessories

Reorder Code Description
21-2165 Reusable 50-/100-mL Pump Pouch. Accommodates pump with 50-/100-mL medication cassette reservoir.
21-2170 Single-Use Black 50-/100-mL Pump Pouches. 10/box.
21-2171 Single-Use Black 250-/500-mL Pump Pouches. 10/box.
21-2185 CADD® Pump Key. Compatible with CADD®-Solis, CADD-Prizm® and CADD-Legacy® pumps.
21-6120 Lockable Polemount Bracket (requires Polemount Adapter 21-6210).
21-6165 Modified Security Shell. Requires Security Shell Adapter (21-6212).
21-6202 AC Adapter
21-6210 Polemount Bracket Adapter. For use with polemount bracket (21-6120)
21-6212 Security Shell Adapter. For use with security shells or modifi ed security shell (21-6165)
21-6216 Battery Door for the CADD-Legacy® pumps.
21-6220 Remote Dose Cord for the CADD-Legacy® PCA pumps.
21-6235 Protective Cassette for use with CADD-Prizm®, CADD-Legacy® and CADD®-Solis pumps; protects pumping mechanism and sensors during shipping and storage.
21-6287 Large LockBox with Full Keypad, Air Detector Access. Compatible with standard IV bags up to 500 mL and prefilled syringes up to 60 mL.