CleanBench Vibration Isolation Lab Tables from TMC

TMC introduces CleanBench™, the next generation of our industry standard 63 series vibration isolation lab tables. CleanBench combines the latest, patent pending, improvements to our table tops with our superior Gimbal Piston™ air vibration isolation system. CleanBench offers more stability, better ergonomics, guided thread lead-ins, and a more compact design. TMC’s industry standard vibration isolation lab tables lead the industry in performance and are ideal for a wide variety of applications including AFM, Confocal Microscopy, IVF, Patch-Clamping, Interferometry, and Metrology.

The CleanBench Advantage

Unique new table-top design (patent pending) combines the best features of TMC’s CleanTop® steel honeycomb tops with our ultra-stiff, damped, layered platform design.

Greater stability, especially for small size tables. The low profile, high density tops lower the overall floating center-of-mass ensuring inherently stability, even for relatively top-heavy payloads.

Guided thread lead-ins to align screws with tapped holes. The “bevel” shape eases engagement of the first thread.

Ergonomics optimized for the seated user by minimizing the thickness of the table-top. Other designs either offer 4" (100 mm) thick tops which awkwardly separate knees and elbows or sacrifice essential mass by offering a 2" (50 mm) thick honeycomb top which does not have adequate mass for effective vibration isolation, especially for smaller table sizes.


An easy-to-use, roll-off  option for CleanBench™ Lab Tables that dramatically simplifies table rigging and installation.


  • Gimbal Piston Isolators
  • Greater stability
  • Guided thread lead-ins
  • Ergonomics optimized
  • Our Patented Gimbal Piston™ Isolator
  • Thin-Wall Rolling Diaphragms
  • Aluminum Height Control Valves
  • Internal Piston Travel Restraint
  • Tiebar Gussets
  • Rugged Built-in Leveling Feet
  • Superior Table Tops