The ATLANTE 2 cup has been specially designed to provide a perfectly suitable interface for the bone elasticity module, but also allowing easy, precise and safe implementation of a ceramic insert.

The pre-mounted ring around the ceramic is designed to provide maximum protection to the ceramic, in cases of extreme positions, whilst maintaining the range of motion and stability associated with large diameter heads.

Depending on the user's preference, the ATLANTE 2 cup can be used with either a ceramic insert or a TRIANON® highly cross-linked polyethylene insert, in the same metal-back. 

The ESOP Atlante 2 cup design is based on the experience with the Atlante 1 metal-back, which has been in used since 2001, combined with current load bearings. 

The ESOP Atlante 2 cup has been specifically designed to provide an interface whose deformability perfectly suit the bone elasticity module, but also allows easy, precise and safe insertion of a ceramic liner.