EVOQ Elite™ and EVOQ Qube™ from Bruker Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry

The EVOQ triple quadrupole for liquid chromatography (LC-TQ) was designed for a singular purpose—to reliably quantify thousands of real samples in the fastest sample-to-report time possible. It delivers exceptional sensitivity, precision, accuracy, linearity, and a wide dynamic range for your multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) assays.

Key Benefits

  • Easily obtain ultra-high sensitivity for small molecules and biomolecules as a result of the innovative interlaced quadrupole (IQ) dual ion funnel.
  • Confidently run matrix-rich samples on the robust orifice plate based API interface.
  • Efficiently analyze thermally labile molecules at high flow rates with the novel vacuum insulated probe (VIP) heated electrospray probe.
  • Save time using exception-based data-review software that makes it easier to highlight chromatograms that do not meet preset method criteria.

Accuracy & Precision

Accuracy is the measure of the closeness of the experimental value of the actual amount of the target analyte in matrix. It is a measure of systematic bias. Precision is how well the experimental values agree with each other and is a measure of random error. Together these parameters measure the total error of the assay, which in turn determines the Limit of quantitation (LOQ). Since the MRM technique spends nearly all the time measuring the target analyte, the result is an unbeatable LOQ in matrix; something you will routinely achieve on the EVOQ-TQ.

Image Credit: Bruker Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry

MS Workstation for EVOQ LC-TQ

True Workflow Design—Easy to Learn, Intuitive to Use

  • Workflow design—simple, intuitive, powerful
  • Spectral Searching—one-click search of multiple spectral databases
  • Libraries—user-created or commercial library support—NIST, Wiley, and Maurer, Pfleger, Weber (MPW)
  • Reporting—over 50 standard report templates, Application specific, EPA Environmental
  • Custom Report Creator—Excel®-based for rapid creation

MRM Method Builder—Designed by Chromatographers

With the EVOQ, you don’t need to know the MRM transition of an analyte; let the software auto-fill it for you! Simply drag in the name of the compound from the factory-installed compound library, which contains over 2000 MRM transitions, and let the software set up the method and manage the EVOQ duty cycle.

For research use only. Not for use in Clinical diagnostic procedures.