ElectroPuls E1000 All-Electric Test Instrument from Instron

The ElectroPuls™ E1000 is a state-of-the-art electrodynamic test instrument designed for dynamic and static testing on a wide range of materials and components.


  • Patented, oil-free linear motor technology for clean conditions
  • Designed for both dynamic and static testing on a variety of materials and components
  • High dynamic performance, capable of greater than 100 Hz operation
  • ±1000 N dynamic load capacity and ±710 N long-term static load capacity
  • Electrically powered from single phase main supply, no need for hydraulic or pneumatic air supplies
  • Temperature-controlled air-cooling system
  • High stiffness, precision-aligned twin column load frame with actuator in upper crosshead
  • Versatile T-slot table for regular and irregular grips and specimens
  • Compact instrument - frame requires less than 0.15 m² (1.6 ft²) of desk space