Evidence Investigator Biochip Analyzer from Randox

Evidence Investigator Biochip Analyzer from Randox

The Evidence Investigator offers complete patient profiling with the most comprehensive test menu on the market. Consolidates immunoassay and molecular diagnostics on a single platform with protein and DNA biochips.

Utilising revolutionary Biochip Array Technology, the Evidence Investigator allows simultaneous detection of multiple analytes from a single sample for efficient and cost effective testing.

The Evidence Investigator is a compact, semi-automated bench top platform applicable in a wide range of settings including:

  • Pharma and drug development: Pre-clinical and clinical studies
  • Private/Public sector research applications
  • Environmental laboratories
  • Drug Residue testing
  • Veterinary laboratories
  • Forensic/Drugs of Abuse testing
  • Clinical laboratories


  • One system for protein and DNA biochips.
  • Multiplexing technology: one sample = multiple results.
  • Extensive range of panels available with more in development.
  • Minimal sample volume: 25-200µl per array (oral fluid).
  • Ready to use biochips supplied with all reagents necessary.
  • Multi-analyte calibrators, controls and reagents.
  • DNA based biochips for detection of polymorphisms and mutations.