This next dimension of testing, this cutting edge technology now available in the clinic.

The new evidence multistat utilises Biochip Array Technology in the same way as the evidence and evidence investigator offering simultaneous multi-analyte testing in a single patient sample. 

The evidence multistat is an easy to use, fully automated bench top analyser capable of providing multiple test results within 20 minutes.  It is designed to provide laboratory quality results outside the laboratory making it ideal for testing near the site of patient care. 

A transformational platform, the evidence multistat software will automatically process, report and archive any data generated.  The software is also capable of connecting to the sites own laboratory information management system (LIMS).

At present, cardiac and drugs of abuse arrays are available for use with the evidence multistat with other arrays in development. 


  • Results for multiple markers are available within 20 minutes speeding up both diagnosis and treatment. 

  • Dual sample capacity – capability to test up to 6 samples per hour


Evidence multistat is a fully automated bench top analyser suitable for use in a wide range of point of care settings; including the emergency room, GP surgery, cardiology department and any central pathology/biochemistry laboratory.

Ease of use

  • Simple 3 step procedure; add sample to cartridge, insert cartridge and read results

  • Barcoded cartridge containing all necessary reagents and biochips ready to use

  • Colour touch screen with user friendly windows based software

  • On board storage of over 1000 patient results

  • Barcode scanner for sample traceability

  • Suitable for use with both serum and urine

  • Small sample volume

  • Multiple user access levels - restricts unnecessary usage

  • Minimal operator input making it suitable for use in non laboratory settings

  • Ability to run  2 samples or sample and QC concurrently

  • Automatic display of results


  • Laboratory quality results – CVs typically <10%

  • QC can be run concurrently with the sample

  • Extensive QC data generation

  • On board calibration

  • User defined cut-off values for drugs of abuse


Full connectivity to central laboratory without additional software