The EDGE has revolutionized the process of extraction for preparing samples. It is six times faster than other pressurized fluid extractors and enables the extraction, filtration and cooling of up to 30 grams in only five minutes.


  • Fastest technique available
  • Small footprint
  • 12 samples in an hour
  • Q-CupsTM are easily assembled and cleaned
  • One technology with unlimited applications

Energized Dispersive Extraction

With Q-Cup technology, Energized Dispersive Extraction is fast and simple for all applications. Extract semi-volatile organic compounds from soil, phthalates from plastics, fat from food and many more applications with EDGE. It can be used in the following industries:

  • Environmental
  • Food
  • Plastic
  • Consumer Products

The EDGE Process

Step 1: Sample is Loaded

The auto sampler automatically loads the Q-Cup into the chamber. Next a pressurized seal is created on the top of the Q-Cup using the pressure cap.

Step 2: Matrix is Added

To aid heat transfer, solvent is added through the bottom to fill the gap between the chamber and the Q-Cup. Next, the sample is moistened by adding solvent from the top of the Q-Cup.

The pressure in the solvent gap increases as the chamber walls are heated. This forces the solvent to disperse as the pressure in the solvent gap overcomes the pressure inside the Q-Cup.

Step 3: Extract is Collected

As soon as the sample has reached the desired temperature it is filtered through the Q-Disc, the cooling coil and collected in a vial.