The general purpose agitator BL series utilizes a maintenance-free brushless motor that was developed to handle demanding agitation situations.

The forward/reverse rotation function allows changing of the rotation direction to completely eliminate the ring-shaped unmixed area that is generated with one-directional agitation. When using tilted-type blades (square cross, propeller, etc.), the axis direction flow will also be reversed, enabling an even better effect to be achieved.


  • The exceptional quietness will not interfere with the laboratory environment. 
  • During the agitation, even if there are changes in viscosity the set rotation speed will be maintained.
  • Utilizes a powerful brushless motor that does not generate sparks.
  • During agitating work, one-switch operation changes the rotation direction.
  • Does not output noise that would adversely affect other equipment, and incorporates measures to prevent mis-operation even when affected by noise.
  • Provided with protection equipment such as a current restricting circuit and thermal protector to protect against agitator motor overloading.