High-Performance PTR-TOF-MS — Trace VOC Analyzer

The PTR-TOF 6000 X2 is the latest premium IONICON PTR-TOF trace VOC analyzer, integrating the newest generation of performance-enhancing tools including the hexapole ION-GUIDE and the ION-BOOSTER funnel.

Lowest real-time detection limit and utmost sensitivity and resolution now come in a rugged, transportable platform that is lighter and smaller than previous products. The outcomes are a remarkable resolution of more than 6000 m/Δm and also a sensitivity of over 1000 cps/ppbv with a low detection limit of below 1 pptv.

Features of all IONICON time-of-flight mass spectrometers include high mass resolution and quantitative analysis of the whole mass range in a split-second. Sample gas can be directly injected without preparation, thus contributing to the speed and simplicity IONICON’S instruments are known for.

The exclusive soft ionization (PTR) technology along with IONICON’S in-depth experience in gas-phase ion chemistry and manufacturing of scientific instruments are the basis for the fast response time, ultra-low detection limit, reliability, and robustness of the PTR-MS systems.

  • ION-BOOSTER funnel technology
  • Hexapole ION-GUIDE
  • Lightweight and compact PTR-TOFMS
  • Innovative high-resolution TOF

PTR-TOF 6000 X2 Benefits

Equipped with a new high-resolution TOF and IONICON’s PTR technology with the latest “X2” features, the special system enables the ultimate PTR-TOFMS experience. X2 integrates the new generation of performance-enhancing tools including the hexapole ION-GUIDE and the ION-BOOSTER funnel.

When the ion funnel focuses the ions into the hexapole ion guide, it leads to an almost lossless transmission of a highly focused ion beam into the TOF mass spectrometer. This considerably boosts the sensitivity and also enhances the mass resolving power of the instrument.

The PTR-TOF 6000 X2 is the latest premium IONICON PTR-TOF trace VOC analyzer, surpassing all previous instruments. Featuring the utmost resolution and sensitivity and the lowest real-time detection limit, the robust, transportable platform is lighter, smaller, and even more inexpensive than the previous flagship product.

PTR-TOF 6000 X2


IONICON proudly relies on the exclusive IONICON PTR-MS soft ionization technology whereby proton transfer from H3O+, all compounds with a higher proton affinity (PA) than water, are ionized. Usual constituents of air, like Ar, N2, O2, CO2, and so on, have lower PAs when compared to H2O, and hence they are not detected. This is one of the key reasons for IONICON’s market-leading low, real-time detection limit for trace compounds. Absolute measurement of VOC concentrations is now possible, thanks to the precisely controlled ion source and drift tube parameters.


In addition, the PTR-TOF 6000 X2 comes with Selective Reagent Ionization–Mass Spectrometry (SRI/SRI+) technology, featuring NO+ and O2+ (SRI) or Kr+ (SRI+; US Pat.9,188,564) alternatively to H3O+ as precursor ions are produced in the IONICON ULTRA-PURE ion source.

The advantages are outstanding as O2+, but especially Kr+.possesses a higher ionization potential than H3O+ and hence a number of essential (inorganic) substances like CO, CO2, CH4, SO2, NO2, and so on can be identified and measured with the help of a single IONICON instrument. As reagent ions, NO+ helps in isolating a number of isomeric VOCs that can be subsequently measured in real-time.

Robust, Reliable and Easy to Use

The PTR-TOF 6000 X2 is fully controlled by software. Mounted on wheels and installed in a space-saving rack, the instrument enables convenient transportability and variable location measurements. IONICON provides the PTR-TOF 6000 X2 in an eco-friendly, re-usable flightcase container.