The hollow fiber bioreactor-disposable set is a highly efficient bioreactor configuration suitable for small scale biomass or protein production. The heart of the bioreactor is the hollow fiber module. It is composed of straw-like semipermeable membranes with a high surface/volume ratio. These semipermeable membranes form a two-compartment system by separating cells from medium and allow cells to grow in high densities. This technology leads to improved culture quality and less demand for consumables.

The hollow fiber modules are fully integrated in Cellab® Disposable Sets which are operated by the reusable Cellab® Docking Station. In a semi-automated process the docking station enables a sufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells during the complete culture process. This allows self-contained cell culturing in a closed system under GMP like requirements.


  • Easy to use disposable cell culture system
  • 2-compartment technology leads to high-density cell culturing
  • Closed system enables GMP-conformity
  • Optimal oxygen supply via integrated gas transfer modules
  • Automated cultivation process provides high level of reproducibility


  • Biopharmaceutical production
  • Cell based therapies
  • Stem cell research
  • Drug discovery