The Cellab® Bioreactor System with scaffold holders represents a highly flexible and efficient bioreactor configuration for tissue engineering using up to 5 individual scaffolds. The scaffold consists of a porous biocompatible material that provides a three-dimensional support for initial cell attachment and subsequent tissue formation. Each scaffold holder is integrated in a Cellab® Disposable Set and operated by a Cellab® Docking Station guaranteeing a sufficient supply and distribution of nutrients and oxygen through the porous scaffold and into the cells. The docking station allows for automated medium supply via flow perfusion.


  • Easy to use disposable cell culture system
  • Dynamic 3D perfusion allows optimal nutrient supply to the scaffold
  • Automated cultivation process provides high level of reproducibility
  • Closed system enables GMP-conformity
  • High flexibility with up to 5 scaffold holders in parallel


  • 3D tissue cultivation
  • Tissue implant research and development
  • Cartilage and bone regeneration
  • Stem cell research