With a price that will work with even the tightest budgets, the new INFINITY8-8 camera is made to produce what the eye sees in the eyepiece. It also comes with an easy-to-use software suite. Stream live video or capture and share still images with utmost ease.

The INFINITY8-8C offers crisp color images for applications that require critical color reproduction and consistency. The INFINITY8-8M also enables equal signal detection across every pixel when using microscope filter wheels.

  • Imaging Performance
    • The INFINITY8-8C/M is built with Sony’s advanced CMOS sensor technology, which excels in difficult lighting conditions.
  • Accurate Color Reproduction
    • Due to the advanced CMOS sensor technology and Teledyne Lumenera’s vast experience dealing with applications demanding essential color reproduction and consistency, the INFINITY8-8C generates colors that seem true to life and with a high degree of contrast.
  • A Full Software Suite License
    • INFINITY ANALYZE 7, Teledyne Lumenera’s latest microscopy software, includes both the INFINITY8-8C and INFINITY8-8M. This software suite includes support for both brightfield and fluorescence imaging.
    • The user-friendly interface makes capturing, annotating, and other workflow elements simple. Support is only a click away when combined with Teledyne Lumenera’s world-class technical assistance center (TAC)

INFINITY8-8C/M microscope camera highlights

  • INFINITY ANALYZE microscopy software is included with the purchase. No annual license fees
  • Software support for Windows and Mac, along with third-party plugins for Image-Pro® by Media Cybernetics, MetaMorph, and MicroManager
  • Selectable 8- or 12-bit pixel data
  • Recommended coupler: 05×–0.63×
  • Color or monochrome CMOS sensor with 1/1.7” optical format
  • 8.3-megapixel camera with fast frame rates of 44 fps at full resolution (3840×2160)
  • Direct USB3 interface for fast image delivery and simplified connectivity
  • Compact form factor
  • Support for locking industrial micro-USB on the back for power and control

Included in the box

  • INFINITY8-8C/M – 8.3 MP digital camera
  • 3-meter USB 3 Micro-B to Type-A cable

Ordering options

  • La4000PAFL – GPIO cable with leads

Technical specifications

Camera Settings. Source: Teledyne Lumenera

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Image Sensor 8.3 MP Color or Monochrome CMOS sensor – Sony IMX334
Optical Format 1/1.7"
Frame Rate Maximum sustainable frame rate of 44
Dynamic Range 73 dB
Bit Depth 8 or 12-bit
Full Well Capacity 7.03K e-
Read Noise 2.0 e-
Pixel Size 2.00 x 2.00 μm


Camera Controls. Source: Teledyne Lumenera

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Mass 108 g
Power Requirement 5 V via Power Over USB3 Cable
Power Consumption 2.3 W to 3.6 W
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 ºC
Exposure Control Manual and automatic control
White Balance Manual and automatic control
Interface Connector USB3 cable. GPIO cable available as an accessory.
Lens Mount C-Mount. Compatible with all microscope brands.