IRT-1000 Microscope from JASCO

The IRT-1000 is a compact and easy to use in-compartment microscope that can be used with either the FT/IR-4000 or FT/IR-6000 Series instruments. The microscope can be installed in the sample compartment in seconds without adjustment or optical alignment. The optical design provides excellent throughput for highly sensitive measurements of samples as small as 20 microns. The IRT-1000 can be operated with both the integrated touch panel and a PC using Spectra Manager™ Suite. The sample is observed with an integrated color CCD camera and a 5 inch TFT color LCD monitor. Through the imaging function in Spectra Manager™, JASCO’s unique ATOS (Aperture Through Optical System) provides simultaneous viewing of the sample image and sampling location specified by an aperture.

System Features

  • Can be easily set into the sample compartment within seconds. No optical alignment is required before measurements
  • Manual stage for locating the sample measurement area
  • Three measurement modes available: Transmittance, Reflectance, and ATR analysis
  • DLATGS detector in FTIR main instrument (standard)
  • MCT detector or near IR optimized detector (optional)
  • Optional sampling accessories for liquid and powder samples
  • Unique sample observation system allows complete view of sample, even during measurements
  • Data acquisition and processing are performed by Spectra Manager™. A video capture of the sample view is stored in the spectral data file

Options for the IRT-1000


An optional purge casing can be used to eliminate interference from atmospheric CO2 and water vapor bands.

ATR Objective

Three types of optional ATR objectives are available, selecting from ZnSe, Ge, and Diamond crystal elements. An optional pressure sensor (recommended) to protect the ATR objective is also available.

Liquid Sample Holder

The liquid sample holder includes three standard spacers, 0.1, 0.05 and 0.025 mm pathlengths for liquid sample analyses.

Powder Sample Holder

The powder sample holder can be used for diffuse reflectance measurements of powdered samples mixed with KBr. Up to five samples can be loaded onto the holder.

IRT-1000 Microscope Specifications

Measurement Method

Transmission, reflection and ATR (option) modes

Sample Observation

CCD camera (standard)

Objective Mirror

8X cassegrain

Condense Mirror

8X cassegrain with transmission compensation

Objective Selection

Manual exchange with no alignment required


Selection from available instrument detectors

Sample Observation Area

1.2 x 0.9 mm

Observation Method (ATOS)

CCD camera, 5 inch LCD

ATOS: Aperture Through Optical System

Minimum Measurement Area

20 µm2 (MCT detector)

100 µm2 (DLATGS detector)

Wavelength Range

13,000 to 300 cm2 (dependent upon FTIR capabilities)

Sample Stage

X, Y, Z manual stage


Independent X and Y variable aperture


SmartPurge™ System (FT/IR-4000, 6000)

Sample Illumination

Transmission/reflection (adjustable intensity)


144 (W) x 312 (D) x 292 (H) mm


7 kg

Power Requirements

DC12 V 8W (110/220 V adapter included)