Beckman Coulter’s world-class Industrial Robotic Solutions offer flexible capabilities tailored to meet your needs. Drawing from our extensive experience with hundreds of third-party peripherals, we will arrange the system to work efficiently and be accessed easily. The robust Motoman HP3JC Robot is at the heart of our systems, providing either a compact fixed (waist-based) configuration or mounted on a rail for maximum device capacity.

Every Laboratory has different needs.  That’s why Beckman Coulter will design a system solution engineered just for you. Since labware transport is often a bottleneck in throughput, we will optimize your system by incorporating the right components in the right places and connected by the right transportation – all driven and scheduled seamlessly by one software package. Our systems deliver maximum productivity through efficient transportation options, including the robust industrial Motoman capable of complex motions, plate shuffle, gripper system, conveyors, and BRT Robotic Transport.


  • Innovative Design
  • Extended Capabilities
  • Easy Automation Integration
  • Intelligent Automation Software
  • Unmatched Value