The Krystal™ microplates are supplied white for luminescence/ fluorescence or black for fluorescence assays. Clear well bottoms allow for use with instruments that read above or below the plate.

Three formats are available to meet a range of applications: 384 x 120 µl/well, 96 x 350 µl/well and 24 x 3 ml/ well. All can be ordered tissue culture treated. The 24 well plates are also available with a high binding irradiated surface. Both the 384 well and 96 well plates are supplied in packages of 100 or in an HTS pack that includes 4 sleeves of 25 tissue culture treated plates with lids. The 24 well plates are supplied 68 plates to a pack with the exception of the tissue culture treated plates which are supplied individually wrapped with lids in packages of 56. Barcoding is available for all plates upon request.


  • Ideal for routine fluorescence, luminescence and scintillation assays
  • 384, 96 or 24 well format
  • Clear well bottoms allow for reading above or below the plate
  • Available tissue culture treated or high binding
  • Sleeved plates with lids available for use in robotic systems
  • Barcoding available