L1523 Laboratory Fermentor from Bioengineering

The L1523 fermentor is classically designed, yet never duplicated laboratory fermentor. It is universally designed for a wide-range of applications with low operating costs. Medium volumes can be produced even if there is no steam available in the lab. 


  • Consistent design philosophy, the concept has never been modified since its existence although others have certainly tried to replicate it
  • Available in a steel head-glass cylinder or steel head-steel cylinder combination
  • Can be sterilized in-situ or autoclaved, with electrical heating system
  • Can operate in continuous, batch, and fed-batch modes
  • Size range: 5L to 19L - easily interchange different vessel sizes and types if desired
  • Controlled by the state-of-the-artBiOSCADA software: offering countless options for control strategy, process engineering, and data management