NLF Mobile Laboratory Fermentor from Bioengineeing

The NLF flexible & mobile laboratory fermentor is used for cultivation excellence. It is designed for laboratory or small-scale production purposes. The fermentor is in-situ sterilizable, with electrical heating system or steam heat exchanger. 


  • As a modular system with glass or steel cylinders, can readily adapt to a wide variety of needs with minimum hassle
  • Can operate in continuous, batch, and fed-batch modes
  • Available as acGMP fermentor for small-scale production or as a seed fermenter for a larger vessel
  • Individual and modular control units are in an open frame cabinet allowing for local PID control -- even without a PC
  • Size range: 16L to 30L -easily interchange different vessel sizes if desired
  • Controlled by the state-of-the-artBiOSCADA software: offering countless options for control strategy, process engineering, and data management