Microbial-Detectors are used for detecting the presence of micro organisms such as yeast and bacteria in food and clinical specimens. Microbial-Detectors are based on qualitative techniques and are used to confirm the presence or absence of microbes in a particular sample. On the other hand, products that are built on quantitative techniques provide numerical outcomes such as number of microbes found in the sample. Microbial-Detectors using identification techniques will detect the physical, biochemical, optical, and electrochemical properties of the micro organisms and identify the name of the genus or species of the microbe contained in the sample. These products are easy to use, offers high throughput, are compliant with process-analytical-technology initiatives, and provide results quickly, contributing to production efficiency and better quality control. Microbial-Detectors are designed using technology platforms such as antibody-based detection, nucleic-acid-based detection, and enzymatic detection and are used widely in microbiology and food industry.

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