Mamivac Lactive Breastpump from KaWeCo

The mamivac Lactive from KaWeCo has comfortable 2-phase breastpump with double pumping for active and working mothers.

  • The mamivac® 2-phase technology simulates the baby’s sucking
  • Additional visual stimulation by mounting a photo of the baby
  • Continuously adjustable vacuum for highest pumping comfort
  • Gentle and safe – extremely compact
  • Time saving through simultaneous expressing from both breasts → double pumping
  • Maintenance-free, powerful device
  • Germ free – patented protective diaphragm in the suction kit offers the best possible protection and safety for mother and child

With the mamivac® 2-phase technology, breast milk can be expressed as gently and naturally as ever possible. The continuously adjustable phases consist of a stimulation phase and an expressing phase. The expressing process is not an automated sequence of a programme, but allows for an individual adjustment of suction strength and cycle speed to the individual needs of nursing mothers and the flow of milk.